As we were leaving CiCi's, our favorite pizza joint, the boys talked Cameron into getting them something out of the "junk" machines. So they got these nasty teeth things. Apparently they were really tired coming home and fell asleep. Somehow, before they fell asleep, Zack came up with the name"boober teeth". The next day Coleman was asking me what boober meant. I told him I didn't know and that he should go and ask Zack, since he came up with the name. Then Coleman said he didn't need to, he already knew, he just wanted to know if I knew. So I asked him what it meant. He said that a boober is a killing pig. Ok!


Robin Pedersen said...

#1 Those are the whitest boys in America #2 Keep them innocent as long as you can. #3 Killer pigs works for me. #4 Coleman always gets the short end of the stick. #5 Seriously, Cameron let them in the Jeep with pizza on their face?

Nicole said...

Ok I thought the pictures were funny...then I read Robin's post and now I am laughing out loud!
I laughed at #1, then I agreed with #2, #3 works for me too,
#4 Poor Coleman and
Thanks for the laugh! :)

Ashley said...

Ahhh, Dito on #1-5. Love it!!!

The Buckleys said...

Love the pics! That is too funny!

Elise said...

Hey Steph! I've been playing catch up on your blog for the last 30 min, I love reading about your cute family, your kids crack me up and your commentary is always so witty and entertaining, plus you take the best pictures....I just love your blog, it's so fun to read, thanks, and keep it up! Hope you guys are doing well!

The Pikes said...

Okay - your photographs are always SOOO cute. The invitation couldn't be cuter. Can I come? What is the activity? I am really curious. Also, aren't you afraid the RS president will happen upon your blog?

The teeth - WHERE did you find them?