Is it April 13th?


Me: Why are you sad Coleman?
Coleman: Is it April 13th?


Me: No, it's March 13th.
Coleman: Does that mean it's a bad luck day?
Me: No. Did you mean friday the 13th?
Coleman: I don't know. But if it's the 13th, then I can't play X-Box because it's a bad luck day.
Me: Who told you that?
Coleman: pointing towards Zack



Lindsay said...

Just for that I think Coleman should get the X-Box for the whole day. Coleman, dude, when will you learn?

Nicole said...

Is that Cameron behind those eyes?

The Pikes said...

Oh my heck. That is absolutely hysterical! I love it.

gs said...

GET OUT! And the bros are offffff! Any chance Zack's not long for this world?

gs said...

ps-what are they having for breakfast---M&M's? You're every kids dream mom.

The Buckleys said...

That is hilarious! I love Zack's face! Thanks for the laugh!

Ashley said...

That is so funny!! Love all the pictures. I don't think Trix have ever looked that good!

Julianna said...

So hilarious!!!!

Robin Pedersen said...

Surely, you must have misinterpreted, Steph. I cannot imagine my almost-ready-to-be-baptized grandson would have any kind of teasing in his heart for his little brother.

Cathryn said...

Ok, that pic of Zack with that story is absolutely hilarious. I rarely read something on the computer that makes me laugh out loud...but that did it...twice.

GREAT post!