and so it begins

They started digging our house yesterday. The kids and I went up to watch the tractors hard at work. We were a little nervous that it wasn't going to get started with all the crazy weather we've been having, but they did it. They were already 8 days late in starting, so we were excited that they were out working. Part of the delay was that they needed to bring in engineers to figure out the best way to dig and then pour the foundation. Once they started excavating, they found that most of the home sites on our street had quite a bit of sand under the dirt. The whole time the site manager was telling us this, the primary song about the foolish man building his house upon the sand kept going through my mind. So when I saw the big dump truck coming in with a load of rocks I felt much better. We all know that the wise man built his house upon the rock. Or in this case, lots of little rocks.

This is Maren's favorite sleeping position. She tucks her arms underneath her, crosses her feet and sticks her cute little bum straight up in the air. We love it and think it is super cute!


The Clingers said...

A House!!! What would that be like? I am so excited for you guys. It is a long time coming!!! Thanks for Eston's birthday gift. We sure missed you guys, and think of you often.

Ben and Krystal said...

yea! You guys are gonna love watching your home created from the beginning!

tarantula411 said...

I love Maren's sleeping position. She is adorable, as are all of your kids. That was fun having them over today. I hope they'll feel welcome anytime!

Jen said...

Stephanie - I love your blog and you're right....soooo addicting! Saw the picture of your house. It's really cute!