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This is where we chose to build our house. They were supposed to start digging yesterday, but because Ohio has suddenly decided to come out of the drought we've had all summer long, they won't start until Thursday. We chose this spot because we are on a cul-de-sac and those trees are permanent. No one will be building behind us.
For those of you who I have neglected to give the full update to, yes, we decided to become Ohioans. Cameron accepted a job in Mentor at a company called Steris. He's been working up there one day a week until he is done with school. If you don't know where Mentor is, it's about 20 miles east of Cleveland, or the city just north of Kirtland. If you don't know where any of that is, look on a map. We will be in the Kirtland ward, which we are excited about. But, the thing that I am most excited about is our house is only 5 minutes away from Cameron's job. Yea for short commutes!


Ben and Krystal said...

Hey Stephanie! I found a link to your blog somehow- I can't believe you guys are permanent Ohioans now! Congrats on building your new house! Your family pics are adorable. Keep in touch!

Sydney said...

Oh, I love Mentor. That's where I would choose to live if I was to become an Ohioan! What a wonderful thought not to be "landlocked" and have a freeway/interstate close by and also, no more Severance Wal-mart and Tops!! Yeah for that!