labor day

Yesterday the kids and I went to a place that is (I think) the largest
residence in Ohio. They let you tour the house and walk all over
the grounds. We went up there for an exhibit in which they
built about 10 different tree houses all throughout the grounds.
You could go up inside and play in the
m. The kids had a lot of fun.
But, we had more fun doing all the other things, like...

throwing rocks and sticks into the
green sludgy stuff. They also had fun...
Running and running and running.
Riley was completely fascinated with all the rocks. She would
stop every 3 feet to pick up new ones. She would put them in her
pocket, which was packed full by the time we had to go. She was so sad to
have them all dumped out when we got in the car.
They have a really pretty garden area. When I sat Maren on the grass
she started eating as much of it as she could.

By the end of the day, Maren was completely worn out.


Blamires Family said...

what an adorable fam. Your kids are growing up so fast. I wish we lived closer to you since our kids are all about the same age and same gender... we could have some fun together. I can't believe you are building a house in OHIO. Guess it is right for you and cameron found a great job. Looks fun building a home. Good LUck with that. Hey, what is your email address... i would like to email you something. Thanks. have a good one.

stephanie said...

my email is stephpedersen@gmail.com