Coleman's 5!

Coleman turned 5 yesterday. He has been so excited for this day for a very long time. He started the big count down when there were about 20 days to go.
He had preschool in the afternoon. His class gave him FIVE claps for turning five.

We brought in cupcakes to share with his class. One kid even told me that
they were the best cupcakes that he had ever seen or tasted. Then he gave
me a "way-to-go" slap on the behind. He was probably FOUR!! Can we say
way to much Monday Night Football.

Mostly Transformers--the new obsession. We have moved on from Star Wars.
After Coleman opened his presents, we went over
to Dick's and the boys climbed the climbing wall.
Zack made it half way up, Coleman about 10 rocks up and Cameron made it to the top.

We came home for cake and then it was off to bed.

Today is also my mom's birthday. We love you and hope you had a great day!


gs said...

Coleman the man, is a looker! So Steph, did you make the cupcakes? Recipes if you did please. If you didn't then we can probably all stay friends. (saw your quilt block today and it was great).

montanawildflower said...

I loved the cupcake story! hilarious!

Carly said...

nice cupcakes, steph. Good game! (slap!)

Carly said...


Lindsay said...

Hmmmm, maybe I should make your cupcakes for some sigle guys I know. It might get things started.

Robin Pedersen said...

Go, Coleman! Never was a birthday so highly anticipated in the annals of history. Who remembered "5" could be so fun. Stephanie, you better watch out for those 5 year olds. They've been watching MTV and a slap is cool. All of those October birthdays nearly broke our bank. I'm glad the day ended up better than it started. We love Coleman. Nana and Grandpa

Lindsay said...

I think the single guys would like them too. Those sigles are unpredictable.

Robin Pedersen said...

"Dancing Monkeys" wrapping paper????? I'm not gonna even ask what kind of a mood you were in when you bought that.

the Quist fam said...

Yah Coleman!! My Maren is counting down the days until she turns 5. I love the cupcakes, so cute!!

Sydney said...

Must have recipe for cupcakes. Adorable!!

I still getting request from those Caramel Oat Bars I made months ago! You my friend, have a gift in the kitchen!