the house

Well, we haven't given an update on the house for a couple of weeks because a train carrying butane and alcohol derailed and then exploded, causing a 30 car pile up. It happened close enough to the development (~500 yards) that all the roads coming and going were blocked off. They also evacuated the entire development because of toxic fumes and the fear that more of the train cars were going to blow up. So nothing was done to the house for the rest of that week. But that was pretty exciting!
They started this last week and were able to get all the dry wall hung and most of the taping done. All of the cabinets, kitchen island and vanities have been delivered and are sitting in the garage. It is starting to look like a real house. It has been fun to see it go up in stages. We booked the moving truck and are moving everything on the 24th of November, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Cameron's mom even called and said that she wanted to come out and help with the kids. OK!!! We are excited she is coming, she will be a BIG help. I still haven't started packing. At this point, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with everything that has to get done that I don't know where to start.
Any suggestions?

This is from the family room into the kitchen. The morning room is on the
right and the laundry room is in the left hand corner.

This is our room. We have plant shelves. I'm not good at keeping plants alive, especially ones that live above my head. We may have to rename the shelf up there. Maybe to something like "Cameron's crap corner", since I know he will be stashing stuff up there. When it was just studs, I'd walk in the room and he would just be sitting up there. I could see wheels turning.



the Quist fam said...

That is so exciting! It is such a great new home!! I am so excited for you guys. We haven't started packing yet either, it is all just to overwhelming!! I do have a plan though...with kids...ya right.

sara said...

Wow!!! It looks great. I see that you've already found the perfect place for your purse. It's coming along so fast. Let me know when I can start helping you with the move.