ghost cupcakes

Here are the instructions for the cupcakes.
Just make regular cupcakes. Frost with chocolate frosting, then roll it around in crushed up oreos. Stick a Nilla Wafer in the back-ish part of the cupcake. (I wrote r.i.p. on mine with a sharpie. Don't worry, it's non-toxic) Then fill a bag with Cool Whip. If you are using a plastic bag, make the hole somewhat big, not huge, but just the right kind of big. Or, if you are using an icing bag, whatever they are called, don't put any tips in it. Then just pipe a little ghost on there and stick mini chocolate chips in for eyes. VOILA! Next thing you know, you'll have little four year olds slappin' your bums! (go down to Coleman's birthday if that sounded a little weird)


gs said...

Thanks for the recipe. It will make some of my girls look good in the classroom next Hallows eve. With any luck they'll get a nice little slap on the buttinski! Does Cameron still live with you? Tell him HI please.

The Driggs said...

Steph - these are just way to cute! And hey, I'll do anything to get a little slap on the toosh from a 4-year-old!!! (Too funny). I also LOVE the photos you took of your girls out in the leaves. You've got skills! And your house is looking so great. I love that you keep us posted on all the stages of development with it. When do you move in?