here's what we've been doin

We got our house keys on Monday and we have been doing stuff ever since. The poor kids haven't been to bed before 10:30 since Sunday. Last night it was about 12:45 when they finally got in bed. Whoops!

Cameron installed the garage door opener. Then he put on epoxy finish on the floor so it won't get stained and it's easier to clean up.

Zack helped me vacuum the floor. Maren was body slamming
the cord the whole time.

This is the before of the laundry room before it was painted.

This is the after.

We took a break from unpacking the few things we have moved up to watch the house being built next door. The whole house was framed in 2 1/2 days! This is the reason why it's going so fast. Have you ever seen the Amish build things? They don't have a lotta style, but they've got a whole lotta fast!! There were about 20 of them out there today. By the end of the day, they had the whole 2nd floor done.

The girls were totally fascinated watching them.

The boys had a little to much fun wrestling with Cameron. It ALWAYS ends with someone getting hurt. Zack was the lucky one this time. He and Coleman bonked heads and Zack ended up with a pretty good black eye. It is so swollen, he can hardly open his eye. Nice way to start at a new school!

We had all our appliances delivered today. Almost. We were scheduled to have our washer and dryer delivered today, but who knew we would be the first delivery at
8 am. We missed them by about 10 minutes and they wouldn't turn around. So now we have to wait until Saturday.

We were trying to entertain the kids while we installed the microwave, and this seemed to be the best attention getter. Watching a movie inside the box.


montanawildflower said...

How exciting!!! Your house is so cute!

Lindsay said...

I can't wait to come out!

C Ped said...

I liked the picture of the amish guy in there, although, at first, I thought it was Cameron's newest 'do. Your house is FANTASTIC! I'm so excited for you guys! I'm WAY excited to come out and see you in it!

Peace out.

"Crown of Creation" C Ped

C Ped said...

PS Zack, your black eye is AWESOME and most kids will probably think that too!

gs said...

Kids in a big box theory has stood the test of time...never fails. The whole everything is way exciting. Love the appliances. Do you have a big box for your m-i-l?
Zack---gettin it done!

GarrGroup said...

Congrats on the house. I love it. I'm so excited for you guys.

GarrGroup said...

Congrats on the house. I love it. I'm so excited for you guys.

sara said...

I love the black eye. I can't wait to see the house all done. Good luck with the move.

the Quist fam said...

Oh, memories! My poor kids are still in shock of what we put them through. Looks like you guys are working hard but having fun at the same time!! The house looks GREAT!!

PS Tell Zack his eye is so tuff. He'll be the most popular one in class.

aShLeY said...

How exciting! I LOVE your house! When is move in date? I would have to say I like the black eye too!

Sydney said...

I guess I've never thought of Amish smoking....hmmm, I don't know why.

Love the house and the color of the laundry room. I can't wait to see it all decorated!