{ Note to self: Grow eyes in the back of my head }

Me: Watcha doin Ri?
Riley: Ahhn-no (I don't know).
Me: Have you been sneaking candy?
Riley: No.

Me: What's all over your face?
Ri: Ahhn-no.
Me: What have you been doing Riley?
Ri: I neet sahtit, eeh it, uh my fate do-ey.
(Let's translate that one: "I sneak chocolate, eat it, and my face dirty.")
Me: Hey Ri, will you show me where I hid the candy?
Because I didn't know that we even had candy!

She had taken a whole bag of Rolo's from wherever I put them (I had completely forgotten about them) she then hid it behind her little kitchen in the toy room and goes in there whenever she needs a fix.


gs said...

Brilliant! The kid knows her stuff...and at such a young age too. If she's sneaking, then DEFINITELY chocolate. You oughta hang out w her more Steph so you can both get your fix together. (Kinda a mom/daughter moment).

the Quist fam said...

Smart Girl!! I should ask her for some tips. By the way, really, your kids have THE prettiest eyes!!

matt and brynn said...

Sounds like something Sammie would do. You have a chocaholic and a makeup artist on your hands. Wait till she decides to make mud soup...or something equally as gross.

The Driggs said...

Okay, that is hilarious! The only difference between you and me is I would NOT have forgotten where I put my stash of chocolate!!! I actually have a secret cupboard in the house...Cory doesn't even know where it is! I love that Riley was being so sneaky.

katie said...

Kids have radars to chocolate, treats, snacks! It only they could find lost keys and lost toys!

Robin Pedersen said...

I don't know how you catch the kids in such candid shots. Do you say to them, "Look innocent." "Coleman, look mad." I figure you have the camera around so much it is like reality TV and they forget the camera is there. Great shots, Steph.

I am disappointed you forgot you had chocolate hidden. SERIOUSLY! How can you parent without it.

Carrie Anne said...

Okay, she and Rebecca have so much in common! When Rebecca was that age and couldn't find treats within reach, she climbed up to the very top shelf in the kitchen to get the chocolate chips!!! How do they know so young that they need chocolate?

Sydney said...

Her eyes! Wow, those just melt your heart.

C Ped said...

Oh, that is so awesome. Especially your transcription of "Riley-speak." Rad.

Meg said...

Kids are the best!


stphanie that is too cute. and love your translations!