Ten Down, Zillions To Go!

First off, this isn't Stephanie, it's Cameron. This is quite probably the first and last time I'll be writing in this blog. I'm simply not as talented as my wife when it comes to archiving and sharing our family events while still maintaining the ANY interest from other readers.

My purpose for this post today is to let everyone know that, as of today, we celebrate being married TEN YEARS!

The best decision I've ever made was to ask her to marry me. And the best thing that's ever happened in my life was her decision to say "yes."

The Monday after we returned from our honeymoon, I started a new job as a phlebotomist (drawing blood) in a hospital in Odgen, Utah. It was part-time work, and my shift went from 4-8 am (so I could still go to class at WSU). Every morning, at about 3:15, Steph would get up, cook me some pancakes and drive me to work. It was almost a year until I started a full-time schedule from 3-11 pm. She started our marriage with that kind of love and support and has never stopped. She's a great mom to our children, she makes me laugh, and she makes we want to be a better person. Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you!

Now, hopefully she checks her own blog today and sees this post.

{ Now it's my say! }

So, there I was, getting ready for our weekly district meeting, when Elder Pedersen walked in. I remember my first impression was that he looked like a good missionary and he spelled his name weird. He shook everyone's hand, sat down then started in with all the missionary business. (Cameron and I served in the same mission in Boston, that's how we met!) He went through a bunch of things, then he stopped mid sentence looked at me and said, "You're intimidating!" WHAT!! I just thought, whatever, you don't even know me. I was so relieved a week later when I was transferred out of the area. But, a few months later, we were back in the same area. I got to know him a little better, but then I was transferred out again after about 2 months. Then my last area before I went home, he was the zone leader there also. This also happened to be his last area, we were going home on the same transfer. We actually became really good friends at this point. Since it was our last month in the mission field, we had "competitions" for everything. Who could teach the most discussions in a week, who could have the most hours out, talk to the most people, etc. I usually won! He'll probably remember that differently, but I'm right!
{ These were all the missionaries going home at the same time. }

We went home - I went home to California and he went home to Utah. We left our missions thinking that we would most likely never see or talk each other again. But, then I called him for something and that got things started. When I went out to Utah to go to BYU, I went up to see him one night. I picked him up from work, we went to his house and I met his family. I was so impressed with everyone (except for the "interview" by his dad. Thanks Jim that was fun!) I think we ended up staying there most of the night. Then we went for a walk, and that's when we . . . kissed. WHOA! That was weird. It was fun, but it was weird. I always tease him that he did that really fast. And he always says that he knew what I wanted. Part of the weirdness was the whole time we were kissing, I kept thinking, I'm kissing ELDER PEDERSEN!

We were engaged 38 days after that. We were engaged August 12th and then he left August 26th to go to Jerusalem. He came home in December and we were married Jan. 30th, 1998. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple and Cameron's grandpa sealed us.

Since then, we've had:
4 kids
4 homes
11 jobs
3 degrees
3 cars

countless fights
countless makeups

many "I'll hide, you come find me" games
a lot of laughing

I'm not quite sure how we made it through the first 20 or so years of our lives without each other. If I ever lost him (heaven forbid) and had to do all these things in life without him, I would be a wreck. Cameron completes me. I talk - he listens. He drives - I tell him where to go (I'm the perfect back seat driver!) I cook - he eats it. I'm always cold, he's al
ways warm. I'm afraid to spend money - he isn't! I need a new table - he makes one up in a few days. My car is making a funny noise - he's my handy mechanic to the rescue.

Even though you spell your last name weird, I'm glad I get to share it with you.
I'm glad I said yes too!



Toni said...

Hey! Congratulations! Ten years...that is amazing. You've got a great family to show for it. Miss you guys....when are you coming out to Utah again??

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on ten years. You guys are a great couple.
Hope you have a very Happy Anniversary! We miss you!
Nicole & Brian

C Ped said...

Yay! Yay for ten years! Good job, yous guys.

Robin Pedersen said...

Thanks for becoming a Pedersen, Steph. For 10 years you have put up with VERY LOUD people, a misspelled last name, lots of education, a long line of "over reactors" and we love you. Job!

Zipporah said...

Congratulations! You two are so cute and it was fun to read your story. Hope you have a great anniversary!

Julianna said...

Wow...that was really, really sweet. You two are an amazing couple. Congratulations on 10 years!

For some reason Stephanie, you look really familar to me. I came to your wedding, but looking at your picture, hmm...do we know each other?

Megan Young said...

So guess what I am crying. I always had too many hormones. I just felt like I took a walk down memory lane. It amazes me after all those crazy boys we dated and swooned over that we ever would fine our one and only. You couldn't have said it any better than he completes you! I am so happy it has been 10 wonderful years and many more to come. Congratulations!

rachel said...

YOU ARE SO CUTE! I loved reading your story. How fun to celebrate your anniversary.

Lindsay said...

Ack...oh brother, I'm gagging. You guys are too sappy. It's disgusting how in love you are. Steph, I agree. Kissing Cameron would be weird.

Sydney said...

What a great story! Happy Anniversary and best of luck to the zillion more!!

Miriam, Damon, & Hannah said...

That is so cute! Congrats on 10 years! Hope you're enjoying your new house and ward.

Jennifer said...

Hi guys! Been ages, but I found your blog on someone else's... very cute post you both wrote. Congrats on 10 years. You guys are in Mentor, right? How's that going? Congrats on the job and house new(-ish - at least since we last saw you) baby and all. Hope all is great.
Jen (& James) Dorman

matt and brynn said...

Who knew Cameron could be romantic. Hmm.We are glad you stuck around. And it's nice to know it was because of him. Go Tiger!!!

Carrie Anne said...

Yeah for sisters marrying elders!:) I LOVE your story and that you blogged it, because it is SO CUTE! You guys are super cool and Steph, he is so lucky that you've given so much love from the beginning! WOW! Congrats on 10 years you two! You better go on an AWESOME trip somewhere to celebrate!

heidi bullock said...

Congrats to you both! You made it this far and happily too!! Hey Steph I am looking for Heather Bailey's website and can't find it. I think I saw a link on your blog once? email me would ya? Thanks and have fun celebrating.

S. Schuller said...

What a sweet post from the both of you! I love your new family picture and it was fun catching up on older posts. Riley is so cute and I miss her, even if she does sneak chocolate Rolos!


steph that was so cute of cameron. very fun and 10 years wow!!

The Scotts said...

Okay that was the cutest post and so fun to read! Happy anniversary!

GarrGroup said...

Nice work Cameron!!! I'm very impressed with the post!
Ok at the end Steph it says Cameron drives. I swear you were always the one driving!

Morgan Greaves said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever read from the both of you! Oh that was better than a good chic flick!!!! Happy Anniversary!