I believe it is what the hip people refer to as ‘kickin’ it’

With Zack back in school, Coleman in Kindergarten in the afternoon, Riley and Maren's nap/quiet time, I have, for the first time in 8.5 years, found myself alone for 3 hours every day.

Did you get the part about this being the first time in 8.5 years that I’ve been alone during the day?

Tis true. I have been raisin’ babies for over 8.5 years now. But finally, mercifully, they have reached an age which allows me more free time than I’ve had since I was in college sittin’ in the apartment watching Days of our Lives and Friends (wow, that was pathetic even to admit).

And when you’re not getting up to go to class, you have A LOT of free time.

Three hours may not sound like alot, but for a stay at mom, it is like opening the pandora’s box of time. Even though there are almost always things to be accomplished, I have not been using my new found free time in the wisest ways.

Read: I've been playing around on the internet.

Cameron even called the other day asking what I was doing. (Well, duh, I'm on the computer.) But, I didn't tell him that, I just said that it's my lunch break.

This afternoon I was home putting baskets full of laundry away, straightening some things and doing my daily dishes erradication routine. It was dark and raining and I felt like I needed something to wake me up so I turned on the music from the computer. With one click the music could be heard through every room in our house.

And I left it. Because I am cool like that.

I know the words to the songs and nothing makes me happier than a good ol’ sing along with a dance move thrown in here and there.

It’s amazing what I accomplished today in just three hours while staying home and singing my little heart out.

I could get used to this. Maybe.

But, now this is what everything looks like. Just like before I started. Do you think this means I have to do it again?


dodasgirl said...

you go girl! you- of all people- deserve a break! enjoy it, cause you know it won't last and reality will kick in soon enough! you're lucky!

..toni.. said...

I love it steph... I can't imagine what 3 hours of 'me time' feels like especially in the middle of the day. I thought I was lucky to get 3 hours twice a week with only Will to hang with. You deserve it.

GarrGroup said...

You deserve a break...8 1/2 years. Holy cow! I've been known to crank up the music too and try to bust a move. Aw, my kids don't know that I really have no rhythm and can't dance! Enjoy your 3 hours!

Kendra said...

Totally gives me hope for the future! with morgan (6) and
Brooklyn (2), busy is the only action i know right now. hopefully soon I'll have some serious me time!

Mark, Kam & The Boys said...

It is good to hear from you. What a cute family you have. I am a little behind the times but I am trying. Lots of people in my life our going to have a heart attack!

Carrie Anne said...

love this post...i'm glad you didn't use that 3 hours to do housework...so not worth it.:) it's so nice to have that time to do whatever you want!!! i am loving that you blared a good ol' song & enjoyed it! enjoy these afternoons...aren't they heavenly?

S. Schuller said...

Hey Stephanie! It sounds like you're getting the break you've so deserved for a long time! I am going to make those chocolate chip cookies tonight---I've been thinking about them ever since I caught up on your blog last night. Hope you and the family are doing well...you guys are very sorely missed!