OK, so here goes my one and only political post! But, I have been thinking about the election tomorrow. I don't remember an election being so divided on so many things. I guess they could have always been that way and I haven't really paid attention until now. But, I do feel that this one is a big one. I think there are a lot of people out there voting for Obama just because they want "change". No matter what, it will still be a change.

First, I'm voting Republican. Not so much John McCain. But for the views of Republican.

I'm voting Republican because:

-I'm Pro Life. BIG ONE HERE!!! If someone gets pregnant, it's not a mistake. If you engaged in that act, the primary function of that act is to reproduce. It's not a mistake. Why make the child pay by penalty of death for your "mistake"? check out my cousin-in-law's blog for more on this.

-I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Marriage is sacred and should remain that way!

-I support the 2nd amendment. If I didn't, my husband would be out of a hobby.

-I appreciate what America is!

-If we are smart enough to make the money, then we are smart enough to know how to spend it. I'm not a socialist!

-I'm proud that our country is seen as the best chance to realize your dream!

-I believe in God, and I love it! There are organizations that Obama supports that want God out of our lives.

-I believe in being honest and having morals. I don't want to live in a country where I am forced to accept dishonest and immorral practices.

I have a friend that I think said it perfectly. "Although both candidates are horrible . . . I would rather have a John McCain that does nothing than a Barack Obama who destroys the fundamentals of this country."

By the way, this is my blog and I can say what I want. I also have the right to delete your comment.


The family said...

I love it! I completely agree.

Miriam said...

Well, I saw your comment on my blog, so I thought I should reciprocate!

I wholeheartedly have to agree with your comments!

GarrGroup said...

Amen sister!

Robin Pedersen said...

Stephanie, I am so proud of you for thinking out your views and being courageous enough to state them and spending the time to write them down. The fact that I agree with everything you say has absolutely nothing to do with me being proud of you. Also I will not hold it against you that you didn't bring Ohio along on the ride with you. You brought it home in 2004 and there is only so much a mother-in-law can expect. I hate to say it for all to read and you may have to erase it but THIRTY-FOUR seems like a pretty adult, responsible, good age for you. I LOVE YOU.

Lindsay said...


..toni.. said...

Well said.