Happy Birthday Coleman!

Lucky kid turns 6 today! He has been more than excited about this day. Coleman is the kid in the family with a FULL range of emotions. I've said it before on here, that he is a 13 year old girl stuck in a 6 year old boys body. Here are some of the many faces of Coleman we love! (almost)

He's the family comedian.

He love to make the grosses noises. At least this one was a burp!

In true boy fashion, it is the most hilarious thing ever!

"OOOOOO, I can't stand it anymore!"

This is the classic Coleman face. You would never know anything was wrong would you?

This is the 'I am so bored, everything hurts' face.

This is what you get when you put Superman in pink underwear.

This is also another classic Coleman face. He never likes to be caught thinking something is funny. So he tries not to smile but ends up being super CUTE!

The 'I am SOO not doing that' face.

Our once little guy who is growing up to fast!


sarah said...

what a cute cute kid. can't believe our boys are 6 years old already. I remember when they were just newborns. hope all is well.

Lindsay said...

Coleman, I am your biggest fan.

Carrie Anne said...

oh i love this post! he is darling! he & rebecca would go well together...it would be intense emotions & drama ALL THE TIME! coleman is such a cute kid!

Robin Pedersen said...

This is nana on Carly's computer. Coleman, I love your guts. You got me through cancer. You were born one day after I had my cancer surgery and the kids put your picture up on the wall. Every doctor, nurse, or visitor that came in my hospital room said you were the cutest baby they had ever seen...with a little proding from me.

Megan Young said...

Happy Birthday Coleman ...What a bundle of cute- ness...I love his hair longer...I am amazed that you kids let you do a photo shoot, it shows your amazing abilities as a mom.

The Mirci Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday Coleman!! Awesome pictures!!