Sunday was the last day for Christmas break for Zack, Coleman and Riley. They had fun not doing the school thing for 2 weeks. They even got bored a few times. They came to me one time and asked what they could do. I told them to throw out some suggestions of what they thought would be fun. All of them included spending money, like bowling, movie, going to Target. (I'm so glad they find this to be a fun past time, just like me.) I told them no, we couldn't do those things now, maybe another day, since it was dinner time. Then they just broke down saying things like:
"We're tired of t.v.!" huh?
"We're sick of playing video games!" what the?
"We don't want to play with toys!" say again?!
I was looking forward to getting back into a schedule having their days filled with things again.

Sunday, it also snowed all. day. long. Cameron and I were talking and I said something to the effect of how bad it would suck if the kids had a snow day.

5:00 am Monday morning we get the automated call from the school saying school was cancelled. Oh well, what's one more day. Plus it was really fun getting to sleep in till 7:45 when the boys came running in saying they were going to be late. I had a little fun with them telling them I wasn't going to make them go to school if they didn't want to.

SO, Monday became the new last day of Christmas vacation and they took dad up on his offer to play xbox as long as they wanted. And they did.

The girls just played barbies and dress ups all day long. I'm sure Maren was glad for the friend.

I got through part of my pile of projects that the girls are playing on.

Riley's school was cancelled for today also. So she has had 2 snow days. I told her she didn't have school today and she was so sad. She was asking me something about it and her voice started to get all quivery and shaky because she has missed going. Hopefully it will stop snowing long enough for her to go tomorrow.

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Carrie Anne said...

oh wow! do you get even more snow b/c of where you live now? i miss snow days sometimes...