This was our lesson for family home evening a few nights ago. It was Cameron's turn to be in charge of everything. He starts by saying something about wasting time and never getting it back and then he pulls out a dollar bill from his wallet and just starts ripping it to pieces. The kids eyes were all huge. They couldn't believe it.
Later that night, Cameron said that he thought that he made a pretty big impression on them with his lesson. I stopped to think about it, and I couldn't remember what he said because the whole time I was thinking 'there goes your Whopper Jr. for lunch tomorrow!'
Sorry, but I think you just lost a dollar!


The Driggs said...

Okay, that is an awesome object lesson. And I love that the kids' reaction to it was horror, Cameron's was pride at the how cool he was to think of it, and yours was so practical and realistic!

Sydney said...

I thought the same thing as you when I saw the picture "do you know what that could get you at Wendy's!"