poster kids for the new school year!

Can you tell we are excited for school to start? I'm behind the camera telling them how much fun they are going to have and reminding them of all their friends that they get to see again......Nothin. No smiles, no "school is awesome", no "I'm excited to go mom". All I got from these two this morning was a frown and a whole lotta nast. Coleman was sad because he was switched over to the afternoon class. We both liked the morning class, mostly because we are morning people and like to cross things off our list and be done earlier rather than later. Zack, he just flat out did not want to go. I did get them both to smile, after many tries. But, I had to revert to "boy humor". I told them to imagine Darth Vader wearing pink underwear.
Then there was our cute little Ri Ri, who ran to get her back pack to pose for school pictures also. You gotta love the "I just woke up hair."


Mandy said...

Cute first day pics! Coleman looks like he is going off to junior high. Too cool for school. Sounds like you have become one of "the boys". :)

gs said...

Steph, apparently I put my response to the kids and the new house in the apple department. Heaven help me. Tell Cam the man-HI.