pillows and a broken baby

Maren has been sick since Tuesday night with a high fever. Poor girl has just been laid out flat since then. When she is sick, all she wants to do is be held. At one point yesterday, I just needed a break, so I made Zack hold her. But he started to complain because she was "like lava". Which I completely understood, because the whole time I was holding her, I was sweating from her fever. Finally, I sat her down on the couch (knowing she felt too bad to fall off) and I gave her a pillow to cuddle with. It worked for a good 20 minutes or so. I was able to cook a pot of spaghetti for dinner and slightly clean the house.

heads up -- don't buy pottery barn pillow covers and then try to wash them. they don't zip afterwards and pottery barn doesn't like to take them back.

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