it's official...

...we have have the WHITEST kids at the pool. Zack and
Coleman both started swimming lessons again.

As you can see, they were jipped of the tan gene, but so were Cameron and I. None of them have a chance of ever having a tan. I always got mad because my friends would always have these great tans, and here I was, either stark white or painfully red because I thought that I didn't put enough baby oil on. Or, Crisco, remember that?! Yuck!! And bad, very bad. Obviously that was in the 80's when that was cool.

The boys had a lot of fun though. They love being in the pool. I don't think
there was ever a moment that Zack wasn't smiling.

He also thought that it was the coolest thing that he got demoted to the previous level. He can't float, so he has to go back. But look at the kid, all he is, is skin and bones, how do they expect him to float. It didn't matter to him that he couldn't float because that means that he and Coleman can be in the same class together. Whatever!

It is so hot and humid in the pool area that you are sweating just sitting there. Poor Riley has the worst gene of them all, sweating while doing nothing. That must be a Pedersen gene. :) She was so hot and miserable by the end that she just lost all her cute composure. Her bangs were stuck to her forehead and there were beads of sweat on her nose. All she wanted to do was go home!


The Clingers said...

You can blame the white gene on the Pedersens as well. I personally am referred to as "porceline", "Albino", or "whitey" and many more. The kids got jipped. They look so cute though.

Elise said...

Stephanie, this post cracks me up, mainly because I can totally feel your pain! My summer tan is usually the attrative shade of elmers glue. My poor kids are doomed too. But at least they're having fun, right?

The Driggs said...

What fun times! It looks like your kids totally enjoy swimming. That's great that Zack was excited to join Coleman in his group. And your boys are so handsome! Who cares that they're white? Little Riley is a great mixture of you and Cameron, however she reminds me a ton of Robin's little girl pics! You've done well Steph!

the kurbans said...

Precious moments, great memories! The kids are so darn cute...being white and sweaty takes nothing away from that!

Carly said...

We Pedersens do have a talent for sweating on our white pasty skin.