house update

Ok, so this time we are comin at you "large print". Apparently my dad can't read the other print size and has to get out the magnifine glass to be able to read it. Ha! So, here you go dad, hope this is easier.

Here is the view of the front. This week they have the shingles
on and the plumbing done.

This room is going to be the study. It is right off the entry and
will have french doors. The house is a "center hall" colonial.
Which basically means your staircase goes up right in the middle
of the house. It's what's popular out here.

This is the kitchen. The pantry and laundry room are in the left
hand corner. To the right is the "morning room".

This is another shot of the kitchen and morning room.

Family room.

Our room.

Back of the house and yard.

We had our first house guests while we were there
checking things out. The Stelters went up to the development to look
around and we happened to run into them.


Ben and Krystal said...

wow this is coming up fast!

sara said...

Hey, does that count as visiting teaching for the month? :)

emily snyder said...

where do i even begin to express my wowing!?!?!? steph, you are incredible!!?!? can i be you when i grow up??? feel free to write a book so that i can figure out how to be incredible like you!!
wow. i love that #1 i got to share handfuls of moments with you in hard parts of life #2 that you found me and that i get to have your influence for the rest of life!!