keep out! (except for a hug)

Today, Zack had gotten mad about something and decided that he was going to spend the rest of the day in his room. He didn't want anyone to bother him, so he made a sign to keep everyone out. It was just your basic KEEP OUT sign. Nice and simple and straight to the point. When Coleman saw it, he took it straight to heart and was instantly hurt that Zack had banned him from his room. So, he decided to make a sign of his own. This was his sign - (Dictated by Coleman, recorded word for word by Cameron.) "Don't come in for the rest of the night... But you can come and mom can come in...And you and mom and everybody can come in to put me to bed. And parents can come in...Well, Riley can come in for to go to bed if she's whining in the night time. And Maren can
come in if I want to give her a kiss and a hug and if I want to play w
ith her. Zack - NO - don't come in, except for a hug!" signed by Coleman
That boy loves his big brother!


gs said...

Hey Steph, that was so cute. I needed something with pure logic to it. Kami made the caramel bars today and 6 of us voted to keep them in our permanent regular rotation. (We only do variations on the BEST brownie recipe-usually).

Ben and Krystal said...

what a funny story- kids are so silly.

aShLeY said...

Hey! I cannot beleive how behind I am in the world of blogging everybody has one!Now we can keep in touch even after you move clear out to Mentor! I Love the sign I was laughing out loud to myself!