Riley's 2nd day of school

I know...bad mom. I missed the annual "first day of school picture" for Riley. We were running late, so she has very wet, very slicked back hair for her 1st picture, oh well! She's in a little preschool group that gets together once a week. It is set up so she learns a different letter, number, color, shape and a few other things every week. She comes home with a "Learning Poster" as a reminder of what they learned. Today was different though, because she had her Dora backpack that Nana sent her. When she got the package and was taking it out, the whole time she was saying, "Oh Boy!, Oh Boy!" This girl is obsessed with Dora, and Nana (Cameron's mom) has fueled the fire. She has supplied her with a Dora doll, a Dora playhouse, the backpack and Dora sheets. Riley talks about her sheets every day. If you come over to visit, she'll invite you up to her room to witness them for yourself. She carries her Dora pillow everywhere she goes. She has even wandered over to the neighbors to crash on their couch with it. The other night we let her pick the song for Family night, she picked out a Dora song. So - we all sang Dora!


The Larsons said...

Wow! This just blows my mind that she is old enough to do any of this! Wow! How cute about all the Dora stuff! I have to fight Cooper to not go in public in his Spongebob shirt or Spiderman/Batman/etc. I just always hated when little kids dressed cartoonish. But, now I can see it wasn't always the parents choice. :) The house is looking awesome!

the Quist fam said...

I hear ya! My mom bought Maren the same sheets and has only fueled our Dora fire. So we now have the Dora backpack (given by Grammy), blanket, pillow, sheets, and movies. AHHHH! The girls love it!!