coleman lost a tooth!

We thought that it was weird when we came down stairs the other day and Coleman told us that his teeth were loose. He is only FOUR, ok, five next month, but still. Then the story started to come out that he bumped his chin and that's how they became loose. Then I pulled a total mom thing the do and was on the phone to the dentist office every day trying to get some answers on what to do so the thing would stay in and he wouldn't be toothless for a year. They weren't helpful, at all! One night we were eating dinner, I look over, his tooth is there. Next moment, it's gone. He ate his tooth! So he told us that the Tooth Fairy had to leave his money under his stomach, because that's where the tooth was. We went to the dentist yesterday and they took an x-ray of his teeth and they said that bumping his chin just helped the process, his adult teeth are starting to come in. Whew!
He thinks having no tooth there is scary, that's why he is being scary!


The Driggs said...

What a cute story! You'll have to remember that for him. I'm glad that everything turned out alright and I hope the tooth fairy figures out a way to leave him a dollar! She's been pretty forgetful at our house sometimes!

gs said...

Yea, he looks pretty scary alright.
He looks cute. I lost my first tooth naturally @ 3. Got a pack of lifesavers and a nickel.

the kurbans said...

Money under the stomach...that's a classic line!