House Update

We went up to the house yesterday after stake conference in Kirtland. We were really hoping that when we drove up we would see a driveway, and we did!! That was the one thing that we were the most excited about getting. We really didn't want to go the whole winter without a driveway. The cut-off was the end of this week, and they weren't sure that they were going to get to ours, but they did. Maybe constantly bugging them about it helped to fuel the fire a little bit.
Also, while we were there, one of the sub-contractors for the floors was there putting the vinyl flooring in. I could have sat there and watched him put the floor in until he was done. He was working really fast. Plus, he was giving us pointers on what to do when we do wood floors in year or so. They also got all the priming and
painting done. The trim work will be started this week and maybe the
kitchen cabinets will be hung.

Every week when we go up there, it seems like they have been working so hard to get things done. Not a typical Cleveland trait. Usually, everyone goes SO slow and they only do things on their time frame. We are down to only 3 1/2 weeks of being renters. Yea to that!
Cabinets, railings, vanities, sinks, and trim are just waiting in the garage.

The guy had just barely rolled out the floors and was cutting it to size.


Anonymous said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE that morning room. I can't believe it is going so fast. I love it!!
We're going to miss you here on Dellwood! Nicole


stephanie i cannot beleive how fast it is going and it is beautiful!!!! how exciting

Robin Pedersen said...

I'll be there in three weeks to help. Let the packing BEGIN.