moving on

A couple Saturdays ago we had a garage sale and we got rid of ALL our baby stuff. To answer your question, YES WE ARE DONE!!! It was a little bit sad to see our stuff move on to different homes, but it also felt good to get that stuff out. Lindsey had come over before they moved and bought a lot of our baby girl clothes. It's been fun to see them relived through Olivia. Keep posting those, Lindsey. This, sadly, didn't get used much. It did go to New York City with the Larsons.
It also made a few trips to the elementary school to pick up Zack.
This was our first baby purchase when we were having Zack. I went to Babies 'R Us and picked out the fabric for it. Cameron made the footstool. If you could count miles rocked on that thing, it would be thousands.
This swing is another thing that would be interesting to see how many "miles" were put on it. All of my kids took their naps in it until they were about 6 months old. They used it up until the time that they could stop themselves from swinging by grabbing onto the bar.Oh, the Bjorn. I don't think that I can count how many times I would put a kid in there and end up with puke running down the front of my shirt after 5 minutes. Good times, good times!
The jumper. Many scabbed toes came from that thing. Coleman especially. He would jump really far forward and then let himself swing backward. He would do it for hours.We bought this for Riley because she took forever to walk and was doing some crazy crawling thing. We thought that maybe this would help her figure it out. She was hilarious in this thing. She would run from one end of the house to the other. Once she hit a wall, she would do a 3 point turn and go for the next wall. NEED I SAY MORE???

By the way, not to turn this into craig's list - we haven't sold this yet. So if anyone out there is looking for one, I have one that I will sell ya!
The toy buckets. Cameron made this, but we copied it from IKEA. Since the day we sold this, the kids think that they don't have anymore toys. It's more like they just can't find them. I dumped everything into a big bucket and they have to dig through everything to get to whatever it is they are looking for. I was needing a toy holder thingy upgrade. I was tired of the primary colors. Once we move, I have big plans for Cameron to make me something else for the toys.

This was the toy room in all its glory. This is the one room that I am going to miss having. It was nice having it just off of the family room so the kids were close to the toys and also to where we were.

I know those things are just things, but it's a little bitter/sweet saying goodbye to them. After the garage sale, Cameron went to Costco and bought a garage door opener with the money we made from everything. I hope that it will give us just as many fun times and memories as all this other stuff!


Robin Pedersen said...

I think it is time to just put the kids in boxes and keep them there until you move. It will be much easier that way. I want to see pictures of Maren walking before you pack her up.

The Larsons said...

So crazy! I did love that backpack so much in New York, that i even bought us one...which has hardly been used. :) Wish I would have known you were selling your bjorn! I need a new one before baby #3 comes. I had an old style off ebay and it is pretty much not fuctioning anymore. Congrats on being done! Hope you enjoy the garage door opener. :) I bet it feels so good to clean out!

Anonymous said...

We are going to miss you AND all the baby/kid toys! Garrett LOVED the jumpy thing too! I know you will not be far but we will miss you right across the street with that GREAT place called a play room!
xo nicole