I was informed last night by my husband that I needed to update the blog because he was getting tired and bored. Since Jen tagged me forever ago, I guess I better get it done! She did the eight things about you, but I can't sit here and think that long and figure out 8 things about myself, especially with Maren pulling at my arm. Does that usually mean they want attention? I took this list from somewhere else, it was way more straight forward and I could answer it quick! I hope that doesn't make me a party pooper!

Job's I've had:
paper route (best job ever, kind of) I basically got paid to exercise every morning and I only had to work
an hour a day and I still had more money than my friends. Sac., CA
Sears repair operator, HATED that job, Provo, UT
District Court Officer, Ogden, UT
Juvenile Court Probation Officer, Ogden, UT

Movie I could watch over again:

How to lose a guy in 10 days
That's about the only one I would take time to sit down and watch again.

Places I've lived:
Fargo, ND
Fair Oaks, CA
Provo, UT
Boston, MA
Plymouth, MA
Nashua, NH
Ogden, UT
Cleveland Hts., OH
Painesville, OH (in 11 days!!!)

Favorite TV shows:
House Hunters - HGTV (I don't know why!)
30 minute meals

Places I've been on Vacation:
Usually home to California or Utah to see family
2-3 hour little road trips around here

Favortie food:
Good BBQ

Places I'd like to be:
On vacation on my own private anything - island, boat, mountain, etc.
anywhere with Cameron with NO kids
should I go on....

Tagging: (who hasn't been!)
Lindsay - now you have to start your own blog!

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