meet our Wii family

Who knew that a little piece of electronics could be so much fun! The kids got a Wii for Christmas, and we are all loving it. Cameron and I stayed up late one night to "create" our little family. (On t.v. that is!) We think we did pretty good. We got Zack's crooked little smile, my brown eye shadow, Cameron's big eyebrows, Riley's piggies and big blue eyes, Maren's big eyes and long eyelashes. We are especially proud of Coleman's. It TOTALLY looks like him!
He has his lady killer eyes with the amazingly long, thick eye lashes. The hair do that says, "I did my hair, but I'm not going to let you know I did my hair, so I made it look like I didn't do my hair" hair-do. He also has the permanent rosy cheeks with a "I will show you no emotion" mouth.

Wii have had a lot of fun. Riley even goes around saying,
"Wii would like play!" in her asian/Riley accent.


Julianna said...

So, I know you don't know me, but Cam and I were friends way back in high school...so I follow your blog.

Wii's are SO much fun. We have a Wii family too. I love your Wii family, such cute kids!!

Robin Pedersen said...

OK, the pictures are toooooooo cute, but why is Stephanie frowning? It must be the influence of the Wii on her boys. As I said before, Riley is a genius. She has invented her own language and is making the rest of us learn it. Coleman is going to be a lady killer with those eyes. Cameron is downright hairy and Zack -- mind boggling brilliant. Maren is the queen. Go OHIO!