Oh Please.

We went to the store today and the kids both got fortune cookies that they were handing out at the "super quick, serve yourself, die a quick death" chinese buffet.

First of all, tell me something I don't know.

Coleman's fortune: Perhaps you've been focusing too much on yourself.

Riley's fortune: The world is not ready for your talents.

This is not telling the future. This is stating the facts. Get a new name.


Robin Pedersen said...

I'll agree the world is not yet ready for Riley's talents (unless it is the CIA), but Coleman focusing too much on himself? ALL his focus is on Transformers, Star Wars or his weapon of choice for the day, sword, lightsaber (green or red depending on his mood) and soft-dart guns. I wish I could be so focused.

The Driggs said...

Stephanie, you are too funny. Come on, fortune cookies are the BEST! Before Cory and I were married, we had broken up for a couple of months. Well, we got back together the day before Easter. The following morning, my mom had given us each a fortune cookie in our Easter baskets (don't ask me why), and my fortune said, "Someone who has been away is coming back to you." Creepy isn't it?

Carrie Anne said...

Okay that is hilarious! Every time we get fortune cookies they are LAME, so we make things up for the kids. You are seriously so funny!:) Thanks for a great laugh ALWAYS!

The Scotts said...

That is too funny! Fortune cookies are right!