a little trip down memory lane

June 2006
We went to Nauvoo, IL to see Carly, Cameron's super cute sister, who was serving as a performing missionary. We met his family there to tour the city and to see some of her performances.

We left Nauvoo and drove up to Chicago to spend a few days there. I was ( I think ) 6 months pregnant with Maren and have never in my life been hotter! (temperature hot) It was hot and humid, which is so not the right kind of combination no matter what, but when your pregnant...oh man! We walked every where, went to every museum we could and saw as much as we could see before we came home. Right before we left to drive home, we went to Navy Pier and played around there for a few hours. We saw this fountain and stopped and let the boys play. We didn't have swim suits for them, so we took their shoes and shirts off and let them go. Every time the water would shoot out from the ground, Coleman would have the same face of "surprised excitement".




They played for about an hour, just running circles around the fountain. While we were sitting there, we started hearing laughing from around the whole square. EVERYONE was laughing and pointing. We started to look around to see what had caught everyone's attention. As we figured it out, I remember saying to Cameron, "Ah crap, that's our kid." Coleman's shorts had gotten so wet and heavy, they started to fall down. The best part was he had NO idea what was going on. He was having too much fun. We just kept letting him run around, he was giving such a good show.



It was on this trip that we figured out that we are NOT good long distance drivers. We got about 90 miles out of Chicago and didn't want to go any further, so we stayed in South Bend, Indiana, just down the road from Notre Dame Univ. We got to see another big landmark. It was a fun trip, but whenever I think of going to Chicago, I always think of Coleman's little bum hanging out of his shorts.


Robin Pedersen said...

I think you were "hot" Steph (and not in a body temperature sort of way.)

It was a very humid hot trip and I was thankful we didn't have to wear long dresses, bloomers, and slips like Carly. I want you to blog about your midnight trip and treasure hunt.

Lindsay said...

We planned so many things that we wanted to do at Chicago and walked everywhere. Sometimes the funnest activities and the best memories are of things that happen on the spur of the moment.

Carrie Anne said...

Ah...that's a great memory! Too funny!
On my blog I have a picture of a wooden train that is at the This is the Place monument in SLC and I KNOW Cameron could make one! I said to James, "I bet Cameron Pedersen could make that, and that would be the COOLEST back yard toy EVER!" Has he been making you some awesome furniture? I guess he's probably been occupied with the basement, huh?

gs said...

Cute shots-thank heaven they were wearing underwear that day! I see they got the Peterson 'white' gene...truth be told, Robin perfected the look.