happy birthday RILEY!!!

Riley is { THREE } today! She has been waiting for this day for a very long time. She would ask everyday if it was her birthday. She was so excited when we finally said yes!


Since I can list more than 3 things about her that we all love, I'll do 33.
1. Has the best laugh.
2. Loves her family.
3. She gets so excited when dad comes home. She always says, "I'm so happy your home!"
4. She is B E A U T I F U L !!!
5. She loves to say the word beautiful.
6. Is Maren's best friend.
7. Wears princess dresses all day long.
8. Always wanting to help me do things.
9. LOUD! very loud.
10. By far, the easiest kid to potty train.
11. By far, the hardest kid to keep track of.
12. Loves to do make-up.
13. She inherited Cameron's "dark gift". She's into everything.
14. Loves to sing
15. Loves to dance
16. Has the best blue eyes.
17. Loud.
18. Loves to be outside.
19. Changes her clothes 30 times a day.
20. If she wants a bite of your food, she'll take the biggest bite that she can.
21. Loves Barbie.
22. Always wants to do her hair.
23. Loves to set the table for dinner.
24. She loves to go shopping with me.
25. Big chocolate milk fan.
26. Loud.
27. She can out eat almost all of us.
28. Loves to be home.
29. Loves to play with friends.
30. Sweet.
31. She loves to wear piggies in her hair.
32. She gets excited about everything. If you told her we were having dirt for dinner, she would still squeal with delight.
33. She is the best daughter and sister EVER!!!

We love you Ri, Happy Birthday!



Robin Pedersen said...

I am such a big Riley-fan, I put her picture on one computer screen as I read the 33 things about her on the other computer screen. Love, love, love that girl. And since Jim says I have two volumes...loud and louder, I am so OK with LOUD!

Carrie Anne said...

Steph! She is DARLING! I cannot believe she is 3! I felt like I was reading about Rebecca when I read your list...especially the LOUD parts. I still love hearing about the "dark gift." So funny!:)

The Quist Family said...

Is she really three already? She is adorable!! I love the pictures and she does have beautiful blue eyes. Happy Birthday Riley!

Lindsay said...

I think that girl is loaded with sweetness and smarts. I miss her.

P.S. I got a little queasy from looking so closely at Riley's adorable face then scrolling down a few inches and seeing Cameron's picture. There needs to be a warning posted.

Nicole said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Riley! She is so sweet Steph. Love the pictures of her. Give her a squeeze from Brian...haha! Love her!

Toni said...

She IS beautiful. and happy Birthday to Cameron and Zack! Hope to see you all soon!

Megan Young said...

She is a doll. I love her hands in that first pose. Priceless! Give her an extra hug and kiss from us!