it's cameron's birthday!

Today Cameron turned the big, dare I say, 3. 2. He still gets super excited about his birthday. He is the ONLY person I know who was SOOO excited to turn 30. AND, he really likes his gray hair. He says it demands respect.

This morning Zack got up early to bring Cameron breakfast in bed. But, he had to be out of the house early today, so he ate it on the bed instead. Zack is always really good about bringing people breakfast in bed. I love that it is always cereal.

Things we love about Cameron: Funny (which is the most important thing!), great dad, awesome husband, not a very sneaky treat stealer, loves his toys, always thinking of a new hobby to get into, has way to many hobbies, very good at what he does, loves to learn, can remember anything, has great analogies for everything, kind, thoughtful, and we all LOVE him!

Happy Birthday!


Robin Pedersen said...

Happy Birthday, son. Thirty-two years for 32 hours of labor...it was worth it.

Robin Pedersen said...

I know, I know. Two comments are strictly taboo, but I just have to thank Steph for the birthday pictures that completely redeemed Cameron from the May 9 post. I don't want anyone to think I was slacking for those 19 years I spent praying, sweating, working and educating myself about HARD children while we were raising him.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Cameron! Here's hoping you had a terrific day!
We love your funniness and ALL your hobbies. :)

matt and brynn said...

Happy Birthday Cameron!!! Breakfast in bed huh? The grey hair MUST be working for you.

GarrGroup said...

Happy Birthday Cameron! It sounds like it is fiesta month and the pedersen's with all of the b-days! Hope you had a wonderful day!