I have had a major lack in blogging mojo lately. Cameron thought it was a bloggers block, but I just haven't felt like to doing it. I have plently to blog about, which (no promises) I going to try and get caught up on this week. I have 2 months worth!! Ick, the task seems daunting.

Anyway, we had a good Easter. Cameron had to speak in church. He was the last speaker of 4. The first 3 were all new members who have been baptized in the last couple of months. Such good, amazing people! We also, since being the Kirtland Ward, had a bus full of people from Europe touring all the church history sites. Church was very full!

Cameron's mom has also been here all week long. It was spring break for the boys, so it was the perfect week for her to come. She also did an Easter egg hunt for all of us. Even Cameron and I. She stuffed all the eggs with money. $120 worth! We all hid in the basement while she did the eggs. Then we all came up and she said go and we were all off. Coleman won with $30, Zack in second with $27, me, Cameron and Riley with $5.50. I don't remember how much Cameron and I got. Little Marsey got her own at the end with candy in the eggs. It was fun. The boys were off the next day to buy Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii.

I also decided on a whim that i was going to make the girls Easter dresses. I don't like the chiffon-y dresses that they have at the stores. So I drew up a pattern and off I went.

my pattern.

the result.

{I should have gotten pictures before church. After church, shirts come untucked and hair gets pulled out of piggies. }

The boys were feeling left out on getting the pictures taken, so I had them all come out and jump. Some of the pictures that I got were hilarious. Our favorite part was the shape that their shadows made.


Nicole said...

Hey! It's so nice to 'see' you! Super cute dresses {good job} and the pictures are way cute! Coleman lost his teeth!! How cute! And Maren is SO big. Oh my! The time goes by so quick. We HAVE to get together! Happy Easter! xo

sarah said...

such adorable dresses-seriously I want to make some for my girls- are you willing to share your pattern? Looks like a fun weekend for all of you. Too bad we couldn't make it up there to see you. Hopfully sometime in the near future.

Lindsay said...

Love the dresses and love the pictures. Maren doesn't look like she is jumping. She just looks like she is floating in mid-air. And the face she is making in the second picture makes her look like she is a ghost coming to haunt the unwary. Ahh!

Megan Young said...

the dresses and kids are very cute. i am still in the blogging mojo. glad everything is going well.

Robin Pedersen said...

The dresses turned out awesome...especially the straps.

Laurie said...

Cute dresses. You are seriously talented! I am in NEED...serious NEED of a new camera. (kids dropped and broke mine whiel working on project 365...which is now down the tubes since I've been witout one for like a month...jeremy's point and shoort is not cutting it for me.) Anyway...what do you use? Your action shots are amazing! Do tell. Here's my email... lauriekay_s@hotmail.com Thanks!

Carrie Anne said...

welcome back! i've been waiting for your hiatus to end.:) i hate those chiffon dresses, too...bleckgh!:) cute dresses & pics.