Coleman's birthday

The 30th was Coleman's 7th birthday. Sometimes it's still weird to think that he is 7. He's still just as cute and sweet, emotional and dramatic as he was when we brought him home. When he was a baby and I would leave him home with Cameron, I would ALWAYS get a phone call an hour later with him freaking out in the background. Cameron would always say that he was "barking" again. And that's what it sounded like. Barking. For no reason at all.

Life hasn't changed much with Coleman. Just this morning as I was sending him out the door to catch the bus that was at the end of the road, he broke down crying. For no reason at all. I don't know what kind of recipe of hormones we gave that kid, but there is always something brewing in that little body of his.

BUT, Coleman also has the best work ethic of any of our kids. He will stick with a job until it's done. No matter what. He will not leave anything undone. The second he walks through the door after school, he pulls his homework out and gets it done before anything else. It's awesome. He is also everyone's best friend. He would do anything for you if you asked him to. With all the good and bad that comes with him, it all balances out to make one pretty great kid.

These were the first pictures that I got of him. This was me telling him to smile good and stop looking so tortured. The ones above are Cameron standing behind me doing the River Dance and promising ice cream.

Coleman got to have his birthday party on his birthday, which he was very excited about. And, it was a "night party". This was a big deal to all the kids. I guess they all were talking about it and how cool it was to go to a party at night. Funny.

This party was also not an exclusive boy party. He invited . . . GIRLS! He either saw it as no big deal ( boys/girls, they're all the same ), he likes the girls he invited ( we saw a lot of the girls sitting close to him ), or he wanted to torture me by inviting more people. I haven't figured out which one it was yet.


Carrie Anne said...

he is SO CUTE! can rebecca please marry him? oh my gosh he is so funny! i die laughing at the stories about him. it's so hard to believe that he & rebecca are 7! wow. the only problem is that rebecca is just as dramatic so they might be a crazy pair...hmmmm...maybe one of them will mellow out in time....:)

Nicole said...

He is sooOOoo big! 7? Really?! :) He is just as adorable as he was at 2 when we met him. Those eyes...are going to get you some BIG trouble with the girls! He is so cute without his teeth too. Wish a Happy belated Birthday from all of us!

katie said...

7?!Happy Birthday buddy!

Anonymous said...
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Heidi and Nathan said...

Hey Stephanie,
Your blog is so cute! I found it through Kelli's blog. You are so creative and talented!

The Larsons said...

You are such a fun mom! Can't believe he is SEVEN! Time flies. DId you get my email about your Christmas Card? Let me know!

Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

Ok, there were different things up when I first looked at it (regretsy)! I pre-date my posts so when I originally looked at it it was G-rated:) Thanks for letting me know, Steph :)

P.S. your kids are adorable!