do you like free stuff?

A couple of months ago I started an Etsy shop selling headbands. Wanna see it? Go HERE.


It's been a fun little adventure and has certainly kept me busy. I just had my 100th order yesterday. That doesn't include all the custom orders I've gotten either. Like the one from some lady in Australia who ordered FORTY. 40!

Today, you can win something for free.

Go to a little etsy love and you can win 25 bucks worth of stuff!

Good luck!


Thanks to my friend Shelley for so many of the AMAZING pictures that she took for me!


nicole said...

Woo-Hoo Steph! You ROCK!! :)

matt and brynnzie said...

K, I didn't know that you were doing that. For my birthday will you make me some. Your talent amazes me. I have as much talent in my entire being as you do from one hair in your head. Way to go Steph.

C Tam said...

That's so exciting how your business has taken off! Wish that I had some sweet little daughters to adorn with those headbands.

Bailey Wahler said...

I love the pictures, but I especially love the headbands! So darling!

heidi bullock said...

Definitely entering... everything is so cute! The pictures, the girls, AND the headbands!

Megan Young said...

Super cute Steph...your girls are so darling.

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