My thoughts for right now.

I just wanted to put this down on [paper], and since this is a place where it won't get lost or filed away not to be seen again for awhile, this is where it will go.


I can't imagine my life without them. I feel so lucky to be the MOM of these four sweet little kids. Each of them with their own personalities and quirks. I love it all and would never trade it for anything. Each of them are smart, funny, kind, loving with a little streak of bad in there. :)

My goal in this life is to raise them the best way I can and know how. With so many things in the world to be sad or worried about, I hope that I can help them along the way to be pillars in their circle of influence. That they will be the good that others can look to and know that everything will be OK. I hope that I can teach them right and wrong and to NEVER back down from that knowledge. I hope that their light shines as brightly as their potential does. I have really felt lately that we need to raise them to be most amazing people because the world is going to need them to be amazing.

I hope everything I do in my life will be an example of good for them. That when things are placed in front of them that could harm them physically or spiritually, they will be able to rise above it. There is nothing in this life worth more than what lies ahead in the next. I want to be with my family FOREVER and I will do everything in my power to get there with them. And I hope they will do the same for me.

Zack, Coleman, Riley and Maren,
I love you!


angela said...


Morrill Family said...

Love that Steph. The pictures are great too.

Carrie Anne said...

that, my friend, is awesome. i feel the same way! they are darling children & SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY to have YOU for their mother!
by the way, i made your strawberry delight dessert TWICE last weekend. oh man it was SO GOOD! and yes i ate most of it...happy father's day to ME!:) you are the best!

The Dahlstroms said...

These pictures are soooo adorable! Steph, I feel exactly as you do we really are going to have to raise really strong children! Give me a call sometime soon so we can do your hair and talk about enrichment!

katie said...

Ditto! You are a darling mom with super darling kids!

The Childrens Nest said...

Hi! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog today!! I just have to say...YOUR BLOG IS ADORABLE!!!!! Your photography is AMAZING!! Such a darling family! Hope you have a great weekend!

Prince's said...

Hey I heard you bought a new house and moved but you are staying in Ohio for Ever! happy to hear that hope all is well!